Overhead Line Survey and Design

At UTSS Ltd, we have extensive knowledge and good working experience of all overhead line maintenance, building inspection and design. This enables us to offer accurate and bespoke topographical surveys using the Hybrid Total Station and RTK GNSS Survey Grade equipment. Our 3D Laser Scanners ensure accurate data collection. Whilst on site, environmental data can also be captured to aid further design criteria.

Data collected can include;

  • Conductor Sag.
  • Survey of Attachment and Conductor points.
  • Statutory Safety Checks (safety clearance surveys, verticality checks, vegetation encroachment etc).
  • Mass Data for Design Solutions.
All data collection is carried out whilst adhering to the energy networks technical specifications.

The data gathered by the survey feeds into OPTIMAL (overhead power line software) to produce detailed profile drawings indicating line sag, swing and clearance.

At UTSS Ltd we also specialise in 3rd party bespoke Overhead Line Connection Designs, Wind Farms, Solar Sites and Battery Storage Sites.

Under the ESQCR regulations overhead power-lines must, at all times, maintain statutory ground-line clearance with respect to voltage. When overhead lines fail to meet the specified requirements, we, at UTSS Ltd, are able to provide design solutions to ensure all requirements are met and duly maintained.